Web Design Mistakes Take Two

While designing your website, whether it’s a complete redesign, or you’re just starting out and want to launch a site.  There are a few things you need to consider not doing.  We’re here to help prevent you from making those horrible mistakes.  Although these seem like no-brainers, a lot of companies make these simple mistakes. One of the mistakes companies make is leaving out search engine optimization.  If your site isn’t optimized, it won’t show up in the search engines, so how can you expect anyone to get to the site?  This is one of the problems you need to fix immediately.  Another big one according to a recent online poll shows that downloadable PDF files are a huge annoyance to readers.  It makes sense, you’re reading a really good article, but to finish it, you’ve got to click on a PDF.  It breaks the flow of the surf, if you know what we mean.  In accordance with this, make sure your text is able to be scanned.  Some people  just plain don’t like to read, and for those people, you must accommodate!  Make sure that your text still makes sense when it’s scanned.  The last and biggest problem we see with site design is the fact that promotional graphics are looking too much like junk ads!  Surfers don’t like to see lots of ad clutter on a page, so try to keep your graphics fun instead of looking like an ad.

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2 thoughts on “Web Design Mistakes Take Two

  1. Jason Peev

    It’s nice to have such useful information in terms that both understandable and useful. You are doing a great job, some of this stuff will absolutely help me get to where I need to be with my business.

  2. Britney Power

    I’ve never thought about some of these things. Where I have been this entire time? I myself do not create websites, but I work closely with someone who does and he is constantly asking my advice…at least now I can point him the right direction. Thanks

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