Biggest Redesign Mistakes

Is your company ready for a website redesign? We’ve given you tips on what to do now here are a few things you should avoid.  One of the first things you need to avoid is the fact that some sites need redesign, some sites need redeveloped.  To redesign your site, this entails, well, just the design.  This means your content is where you’d like it to be, you just want to make the site more aesthetically pleasing using better graphics and better site design.  Sometimes, this includes navigation, but navigation really isn’t the bulk of redesign.  If your site needs redeveloped, however, this is a little more involved.  A redevelop needs to occur when every aspect of your site needs revamped, and it might be better off to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch.  You’ll still be keeping the main concepts in mind, but you’ll need to polish up your content as well as graphics and navigation, giving your site a total revamp.  If you’ve got a static site, you may want to add a CMS (Content Management System) to make this much easier for everyone.  Another thing to be sure to avoid is missing the initial target.  A lot of times, you can get so caught up in the redesign, that you start to redesign everything, including the target market.  Be sure to keep your company goal at heart while redesigning and redeveloping, otherwise you’ve done a lot of work for nothing!  One last thing you need to avoid is a redevelop when everything is working out.  If your site is bringing in great revenue, you don’t need to change a thing!  You may still want to change your graphic design, but that’s alright as long as you keep your content and your goals in tact!

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