Internet Changes in the Health Care Industry

More and more, doctors are hearing, “I read on the internet”, or “WebMD says”, when they are listening to a patient inquire about an ailment.  This is because information has become so accessible.  Internet surfers are more likely to check something out online before going to see a doctor, both to prevent embarrassment, and to eliminate the trip to the doc if it’s something trivial.  More and more, we’re finding that people are looking for a reliable source of medical information online, both through reading what doctors have to say, and in forums where people who aren’t necessarily qualified are giving out tips and information from their own experiences.  This can be both good and bad.  Good, because that cold you may have thought was bronchitis is in actuality a cold, and you’ve just saved yourself a trip to the doctor, but bad because a few days later, you might find that the cold was in fact bronchitis, and now it’s worsened.  We’ve all done it, had symptoms of some kind, and decided to “Google it” before calling the doc.  However, is this the right decision?  What do you think?

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