Facebook. Love it, hate it, make fun of it, or be completely obsessed with it, if you haven’t set up an account by now, I’m sure you’ve been bugged to by friends and coworkers, or at the very least heard so much about it.  For those who may not be familiar, facebook is a social networking site, created a few years ago by Mark Zuckerburg, who is arguably a social networking genius.  So you’ve got this wall.  Friends can write on it, post pictures on it, you can post and write on it.  I feel that facebook is a huge example of how the internet changes communication because that’s exactly what the site is… online communication.  Here you can view and comment on a friend’s photos, you can give them an opinion on their thoughts/actions, and you can leave them messages for them to check later.  This completely eliminates any use for a phone, or writing letters (which have been ruled out for quite some time now), or even texting.  Confidence levels are proven to have risen, you might talk to that old friend from high school that you had a thing for, but never got the courage to ask out.  You might tell a coworker what you really think, all behind a computer screen.  A little impersonal, yes, but extremely personal in another sense.  Before facebook, how many of your friends’ tangible photo albums have you thumbed through?  Probably not too many, and probably only the friends you’re very close with.  This makes communication both easier and more convienient.  Let me know what your thoughts are on Mark Zuckerburg’s internet creation.

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