Smart Phones – Revolutionary or Creepy?

Since I’ve been writing this blog about how the internet is constantly changing around us, I can’t help but actually notice how true it actually is in real life.  As we talk about communication and how the internet has changed it, two experiences come to my mind.  How many of you have a smart phone?  I’ve got a blackberry, although I’m not sure I’d call it smart.  I’ve seen the iPhone, and the Droid, and I must admit, I feel a little creeped out by them.  Being able to see homes and businesses from an aerial view seems “cool” to some, but worrisome to those who feel technology may be getting too smart.  Where do you stand?  Around Thanksgiving, one of my cousins showed me his iPhone, the phone with an app for everything, including a Zippo app.  This application seemed extremely pointless to me, it was a virtual lighter! Now, I’m not a smoker, but I would think that a virtual lighter would almost be more of an annoyance to someone who is.  It did have a few other cool things on it though, I must admit.  Now, the other day, I was at  a friend’s house who had just recently purchased the Droid.  This phone to me was both creep, and revolutionary.  Creepy because in all actuality, this phone really is smart.  This phone has more uses than just a phone.  I was completely amazed when she showed me that the Droid could also be uses as.. a metal detector?  Did my eyes deceive me?  No, they did not, and this phone means business.  I can’t give an honest comparison of the two, because I didn’t physically pick up either phone and explore myself, but I must admit, I did wonder if the metal detector would work on the virtual Zippo lighter!  My question for you today is what is your stance on smart phones?  Do you think they’re revolutionary?  Or are they just too smart and creepy?

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