How The Internet Has Changed The World Around Us

Hmmm. Just some random thoughts. The other day, I was sitting in my living room, and I was trying to differentiate between a pay day and a baby ruth candy bar for the sake of silly bickering.  Yes, I’m talking about the candy bars.  Both are peanuts, held together by caramel.  One is covered in chocolate.  Before I continue with just making you hungry, I promise there is a relevance.  Instantly, I grabbed my Blackberry and went to Google.  I typed in “ingredients of a pay day”. Much to my surprise (and dismay because my boyfriend was right), the baby ruth bars were the ones covered in chocolate.  Crazy, right?  You may be sitting here wondering what’s so crazy about it, and with that, I answer…  what do you think your grandmother and grandfather did when they couldn’t figure out what was in a candy bar?  Could they simply go to a search engine and type it in, much less a search engine on their phone, getting answers almost instantly?  Of course not.  Aside from buying the candy bar, they might just have to argue with friends and colleagues until the next time they went to the corner store.  My point is, the internet has a huge effect on our lives today.  It effects the way we live our lives.  So many things can be done on the internet.  In fact, it’s not even just research anymore.  Short of taking your morning shower and brushing your teeth, there’s not much in real life that can’t be done virtually.  Do you need to Christmas shop?  Well my friend, you can now shop in your underwear, because of the internet.  Do you need to get directions in case you do decide to ever leave the house?  No need for a road map, the internet has got you covered.  Need to pay bills?  Internet!  See where I’m going?  Nowadays, you can even find a date online, and not only find the date, but go on one!  You can go to school online, read books, watch your favorite movies… the internet literally has it all.  Now, in light of all of this, we are going to dedicate the next few blogs to talks about how the internet is slowly changing the world.  We need your input!  Leave a comment below or send me an e-mail at! Tell us how you feel about the internet, what you think it’s helping and what it could be hurting.  Tell us what you like, and tell us what you could do without.  Most importantly, tell us how it’s changing the world around you!  Stay tuned!  Until next time…

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