All Good Relationships Take Work

Today we’re going to discuss Relational Marketing. It’s a great way to build SEO rankings. First, think about when you’re using a search engine. How many pages do you check before you click a link? Our guess is you won’t normally go past page three, unless you’re really searching for some rare info. That being said, if your site’s not in a search engine’s top twenty spots you might as well be in the millionth. You’ve probably already noticed that a business blog can help you build relationships with your customers. And that’s important in relational marketing, because customers prefer to do business with people they know and trust. Blogs help develop trust. Bloggers usually write in a conversational tone. They include personal bits of information from the writer to the reader. One good reason to keep your blog regularly updated is: the first thing a visitor to your site will notice is that it’s frequently updated. Keep your site interesting, and visitors keep coming back. Before you know it, they’re your customers.

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The Author: Lou Massari has been in the internet business for over 14 years and is CEO of Paragon Media One Inc. Paragon Media One is a full service digital agency offering website design & development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Digital Brand Marketing, Content Marketing and much more. Lou's mission? To help business achieve success online by leveraging digital technology in the new media world.