Instant Gratification

Right now, people want to save money, and they want to save it fast.  To tailor your company to fit this immediate change of mindset, you need to showcase ways that you can directly help the client, right now. Explain to them how much money you can save them, today.  No one cares about the long run when they’re currently in an economical rut.  When people are deciding where there last dollar is going to be spent, chances are they aren’t going to invest it in something that will help them next week. You need to make sure your company gets that last dollar, so to speak.  Remember that sense of urgency we talked about?  Here’s where it really comes into play.  Let them know about your services and how they can provide them with a quick turnaround, not the ones where they won’t see results for over a month.  Right now, many business’s are in a financial state of emergency.  People all over the world are running around thinking the sky is falling, so be the one to help them through it, right now.

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About the Author

The Author: Lou Massari has been in the internet business for over 14 years and is CEO of Paragon Media One Inc. Paragon Media One is a full service digital agency offering website design & development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Digital Brand Marketing, Content Marketing and much more. Lou's mission? To help business achieve success online by leveraging digital technology in the new media world.