Clear Skies Ahead. (Well, for business at least)

Save, save, save! That’s all you may be hearing in these trying times, along with a small little “cha-ching!” every time you make a move.  That’s ok, everyone is.  You are not alone, we promise.  We can’t help you create a complete budget for your company, and we can’t make the constant chiming of a cash register go away, but we can help you through it, and give you advice on how to save money when it comes to marketing.  We’ve done some recent research that shows that the best possible way to save money when marketing your company is to reduce spending on long term branding.  This may sound like a bad business move, but think about it.  Most people can’t even think past their next paycheck… let alone even further into the future.  The economy is just in a slump, companies are thinking for right now, they’re making decisions that will immediately turn a profit, or for immediate benefit.  You can’t blame them, and we bet you’re doing the same thing.  So, don’t cancel the long-term marketing, but definitely put it on the back burner for right now.  Your company can and will do well with out it, for now.  Your money would be much better invested in things like tactical campaigns, media outreach, and search engine optimization.  You know, things that are directly linked to the customer.  Another marketing effort that always works is to keep friendly offerings and specials, and to keep offering them to clients and qualified prospects.  A lot of companies make the mistake of thinking big during these times, but the best way to get your message heard is to relate directly with your clients.  So don’t think doing things like broadcasting, participating in large) events, sending 3rd party e-mail blasts, or posting banner ads are what you need to do.  Studies show it’s actually intimidating to most people, thinking they couldn’t possibly afford a company like yours.  So instead, focus your efforts on smaller marketing techniques, such as webinars, pod casts, and whitepapers.  Next to come:  keeping your customers and prospects on the edge of their seats, and getting immediate return on investment.

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The Author: Lou Massari has been in the internet business for over 14 years and is CEO of Paragon Media One Inc. Paragon Media One is a full service digital agency offering website design & development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Digital Brand Marketing, Content Marketing and much more. Lou's mission? To help business achieve success online by leveraging digital technology in the new media world.