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Ever heard of the phrase, “Nothing is ever free”? Well, we’re here to tell you to get that phrase out of your head.  We’re going to tell you about a few ways to market your company, and get your customers and prospects to trust you, for free.  Think about all of the employees you have working for you, or if you’re not the owner of your company, think about your colleagues.  Now, with the exception of the new guy, everyone pretty much has found the most efficient way to do their jobs throughout the day, therefore making them somewhat of an expert in their particular field of work.  So, with that being said, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… FREE!  What you can get for free out of your employees or colleagues is information.  Shortcuts, back doors, ways of doing things that don’t fail.  Now, of course you don’t want to share every secret of your company, especially knowing that anyone can access information over the Internet. So, why not share some of it, or even just give your customers and prospects a little taste of the secret, but without giving them the full snack?  Go around and ask each person to write a blog for your site.  It’s simple, easy, and free.  It makes your company look like an information source, which will gain trust from prospected clients.  And, if you want to, designate one person to collect and write all of the information into separate blogs.  Or, if you don’t have someone who has writing talent, you can come to us, and we’ll do it for you!  Blogs aren’t your thing?  Find out next post about another free way to advertise.

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